quarta-feira, janeiro 08, 2014

Is it the end of the BRICs, considering ONLY China delivers?

Leia What could happen in China in 2014? @ McKinsey Insights.

Interessante mesmo e o parágrafo abaixo. Yes, ONLY China delivers!

"Finally, something that’s less a prediction than a request. Can we declare the end of the “BRICs”? When the acronym came into common use, a decade ago, the BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia, India, and China—contributed roughly 20 percent of global economic growth. Although China was already the heavyweight, it did not yet dominate: in 2004, the country contributed 13 percent of global growth in gross domestic product, while Brazil, Russia, and India combined contributed 9 percent, with similar growth rates. Compare that with the experience of the past two years. China accounted for 26 percent of global economic growth in 2012 and for 29 percent in 2013. The collective share of Brazil, Russia, and India has shrunk to just 7 percent. It’s time to let BRIC sink."

Image: What could happen in China in 2014? @ McKinsey Insights.

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